Mottos for Success Calendar

Unlock the secrets of life, love, happiness, and success! Mottos For Success is a desktop calendar that is guaranteed to give you a daily dose of motivation. The Mottos For Success Calendar features an original quotation for each day of the year, and no other calendar will give your success drive such a boost each and every day. Whether you buy a calendar for your own home or office, or give them to friends or employees as a gift, you'll be happy you tried the most addicting, success creating calendar around. Click here to see more calendar details Ľ

Customer Testimonials

I bought the Mottos for Success calendar a few months ago, and was thrilled with how motivational and inspirational each daily quote proved to be. It was truly one of the highlights of my morning, and it helped kick start my ambition drive daily. Iíve since bought calendars for all my employees, and I hope to share this gift with each of them.

Sample Quote

Progress in life comes through taking initiative and continuing to press on with new strategies, concepts and plans. The original momentum isnít enough to keep you moving forward. Your progress will grind to a halt unless you refill your engine of inspiration with the fuel of fresh ideas.

Jane Farlow
Vol. 1 - January 28th

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